My grandfather always told me that memories are priceless. He stood by a wonderful saying, maybe you know it too. “When everything and everyone disappears, the memories will always and forever remain”. Well, that may happen to be true. But life has strange ways to mess with people. …

She had always been known for her smile, everybody called her the girl that is always smiling. You could see it from thousands of miles away, it was such a bright smile. Such a contagious smile, that you couldn’t focus on anything else.

But nobody ever asked her why she…

Have you ever wondered if love wasn’t just a feeling?

I ought to believe there are three types of people when we are talking about love. The Action ones, The Talking ones and The Others.

The Action people are the ones that think love can only be expressed by grand…

“I’ve dreamt I was in front of a door, holding tightly a key in my hand, as if someone was following me. …

It caused me pain ,looking at her crying,

hurting and starving herself. Her screams too loud to hear me.

I tried to pull her together, make her come to her senses.

But she would not listen to me. She kept looking at me, like she was searching for something.

Until one day, I’ve realized that wasn’t my fault.

She wasn’t looking at me.

She was looking at her.

-the mirror-

a lover of rain; someone who finds joy and peace of mind during rainy days

Rain. A simple word, yet it brings peace to those who truly appreciate it. To those who can feel and find warmth in her coolness.

Hearing the bright droplets of water hitting consistently the narrow…

M Claire

late night thoughts and dreams

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