She had always been known for her smile, everybody called her the girl that is always smiling. You could see it from thousands of miles away, it was such a bright smile. Such a contagious smile, that you couldn’t focus on anything else.

But nobody ever asked her why she was always smiling.

Until one day, a child bumped into her while going home. As always, she smiled, helped the child get back up on his feet and started walking away. However, she felt a tiny hand grabbing hers. As she turns around, she sees the little child, looking in her eyes, searching for something. And finally, he asks:

“Are you smiling because you are happy?”

For a few moments, the girl was speechless. But then, she answered the little child’s question:

“Well, I don’t smile because I’m happy. I smile because it confuses people. Because it is easier then explaining what’s crushing me inside”.

“Then, I should smile more” , said the kid.

And they both walked away, and never saw each other again. But the child always remebered the girl who holded the true power of a smile.

late night thoughts and dreams