M Claire

Sep 6, 2021

2 min read


My grandfather always told me that memories are priceless. He stood by a wonderful saying, maybe you know it too. “When everything and everyone disappears, the memories will always and forever remain”. Well, that may happen to be true. But life has strange ways to mess with people. Ironically, for my grandfather was Alzheimer.

But I’m sure he is the reason why I promised myself that I would start a new tradition, a new way to preserve memories. I decided that after every adventure, experience and trip, I would print every picture that I took, every single one, and create a scrapbook.

And I always did it. After all, I’m known for never breaking my promises.

As I used to do on rainy days, there I was, sitting on the floor, overlooking through the books and reviving every picture that I saw. Joyful days, shiny smiles, and breath-taking landscapes. Wonderful memories.

But then, something unexpected happened, that made my heart drop.

Your picture appeared.

Suddenly, I was back in those days, you know, where you used to hold my hand and kiss me like it was the last time.

Where I used to love you.

Remembering your curly hair, your perfect smile and that look that you gave me, made my chest ache in an unbearable way.

Oh, and your eyes. Those beautiful green eyes.

Recalling them always caused me a long and lost pain, never felt or experienced until I saw them. The deep green that sparkled whenever you talked about the things you loved reminded me of the wistful childhood memories. The grass that I would lay on a sunny day, the woods that I would play hide and seek with my friends, the field that I would scream until I had no breath. All these, reflected in your lovely eyes. They were my favourite thing in the world.

The way you kissed me, the way you would hold me into your arms, afraid to let me go, the way you smiled when I would smile, the way that you would say yes to everything that I would dare to ask, without thinking twice. I genuinely loved it.

However, now you are gone and all I have left is a picture in a scrapbook. A priceless picture.

Slowly, I return back to reality and close the book, while a tear rolled down my cheeks. A tear of sadness and doubt, afraid that I would never find that feeling again.Afraid that I would never feel that feeling again.

Because I realized that I wasn’t in love anymore.

“Don’t worry, we will meet each other again”, I promised him.

Well, maybe I would just break this promise. Just this one.

I may have fell out of love with him, yes. But one thing I guarantee you.

I would never, but never, fall out of love with the memory of those beautiful green eyes.